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San Juan, Puerto Rico August 28, 2018/ News/ – El Morro Technologies, the new business software development company, joins Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Membership.

El Morro Technologies is happy to join the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (PRCC) Membership and looks forward to being able to contribute with Technology, Cannabis Industry insights and expertise to this important membership. El Morro Technologies will be part of the Medical Cannabis Committee.


El Morro Technologies provides web platforms focused on healthcare, marketing, real estate, retail and cannabis.

“We are very exited to get engaged with Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and its members. We believe in the exiting innovation happening in Puerto Rico. We see a great opportunity as our goal is aligned with the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Membership and our ability to provide ideas and solutions to improve the commerce and economic growth of the island.” –Teresita Santiago Lebrón, CEO El Morro Technologies

Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce PRCC has placed itself as the Voice and Action of the Private Enterprise in Puerto Rico. It was established to continue promoting commerce and the exchange of goods and services. Allowing its members to establish lasting business relationships that will contribute to Puerto Rico’s economic growth.

About El Morro Technologies

El Morro Technologies, is a Puerto Rico based software development company providing solutions for Cannabis, Healthcare, Retail, Marketing and Real Estate Industries. El Morro Technologies released it’s brand Canna-B, to help Industry Business and Customers with Retail and Healthcare Web Solutions.

About Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce

The PRCC has members from all Industries in Puerto Rico and which are collectively focused on Commerce and exchange of good and services. We are exited to be part of Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and to support initiatives that promote productive and lasting business relations, therefor contribute to Puerto Rico’s economics growth.

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