Connecting the dots

San Juan, PR (February 16,  2021) – For almost a year now, I have been working from home and having as many calls in a week as I had in a month before the pandemic. Every piece of information about business and clients is important, so at the end of my meetings I review my notes and process the pieces of information that are important including new ideas. We also know this as collecting ‘dots.’ We all do it when we read, we meet new people, we listen about projects, ideas, capabilities, we process and we intuitively file away pieces of information which by themselves may seem incidental. But connecting those dots, at least for me, lays the foundation for an effective business strategy.

By adding more connections I soon found ways to implement and sell my uniqueness, often in ways I never imagined. Even if at first when I questioned how will it work, will it match, I just trusted my instincts. So where are the dots, who are the people, what are the networks that you ought to be connecting now?

The real skill here is to see the bigger picture, the bigger space in which you can make the new connections. Connecting dots, creates new networks that support the process of innovation. Finding and joining old and new networks, linking and combining existing and different resources or people enables innovation. Connecting different networks and pieces of networks enables new discovery.

Connecting creates more connecting. Connecting dots creates “a ripple effect” leading to further insights and opportunities. The challenge of connecting in business, is to continuously and meaningfully connect those dots to shape the direction to new business partnerships, collaborations or simply connecting dots that belong together. Networks find other networks as smart people reach out to other smart people; experimentation keeps reaching for the next evolutionary milestone.

Can you look beyond patterns of risk, and instead see big, new opportunities?

Final Dot . Final thoughts

At times, companies and new project ideas need a little push with connecting the dots. This is why El Morro Technologies has extended its services for business consulting. We offer knowledge and skills for a variety of industries, as well as advice on the different aspects of business; quality and viability of business ideas. Its always a good time to get started. 

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