El Morro Technologies, LLC., a digital solutions technology company, is pleased to announce the planned development of a new fully featured business metaverse. The metaverse is the next evolution of the Event Management platform, ETEVEN. The project is called “ETEVEN Metaverse” with the launch expected in Q3 2022.

Inspired by the Linden Lab. simulation known as Second Life “ETEVEN” Metaverse will be an alwayson, virtual events world, where ETEVEN clients can organize free and paid events streamed live or video. Designed for business and organization events, training and ertainment. ETEVEN is best seen as a cloud-based digital cities where actual business, educational and entertainment events can be done. The premium Desktop and VR solution will be accessed from Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Support from Android, iOS, and Quest 2, is expected to be included for product launch.

ETEVEN aims to be an opportunity for professionals, business and organizations to expand their customer base. From Festivals to Forums, Concerts to Conferences, Exhibitions to Events each can hold hundreds of users simultaneously who can connect with fullbody avatars and interact with each other. Users can invite colleagues and guests to attend events, meet and learn.

All the avatars and event locations will be tailored for professional users, and guidelines will be set by the organizers of each event. There will be no limits on digital artists or corporations regarding the virtual building blocks and styles used, allowing for unlimited branding opportunities. As part of this metaverse, NFT tickets will be enabled for event organizers for ticketing and registration of events

El Morro Technologies is focused on becoming a leading global provider of professional business event solutions through ETEVEN and its tools: ETEVEN Professional VCard, ETEVEN Planning Tools, and ETEVEN Multiverse. The Company recently announced it will be reaching 5 years since it’s foundation in 2017. ETEVEN Metaverse will be offered as an additional service to clients when it is released next year. ЕTEVEN clients include members of the Event Coordinators Association of Puerto Rico.

Teresita Santiago Lebron, CEO, El Morro Technologies, said If Facebook and Microsoft become the TikTok and Twitch of the metaverse, we want ETEVEN to be the Eventbrite of the metaverse. We think that young professionals, corporations, digital artists, and event planners will love all the opportunities being part of the metaverse will lead to. With the pandemic and climate change causing businesses to rethink how they interact externally and internally, the virtual world provided by ETEVEN Metaverse has the potential for exponential growth

The company is already a leader in technology in Puerto Rico, and our growing client base and proven technology underlines our belief that we can become the leader in the business metaverse. We look forward to updating the market on our progress, including a roadmap, in the coming weeks.” 

For further information, please contact: 

EL Morro Technologies 

  • Teresita Santiago Lebron, CEO 
  • Pablo Ramos, CTO 
  • Elba Asuncion, CEA 


Notes to Editors: 

El Morro Technologies, is a business development and technology company focused on becoming a leading global provider of business solutions through its proprietary software platforms, ETEVEN, ETEVEN VCARD provides users with a platform for creating, sharing, and delivering VR content for education, training, and online events through its three solutions: Virtual Campus, Virtual Office, and Virtual Events

El Morro Technologies is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is a member of Puerto Rico Chambers of Commerce. For further information, please visit: www.elmorrotechnologies.com 

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