Business DEVELOPMENT Services

Our model

Business Development as a Service

Our cost is equivalent to in-house business development resources

Business Development

  • Building new business, at times with full operative responsibility
  • Business unit level driving growth, process improvement or turnaround
  • Change management and corporate development
  • Business unit level driving growth, process improvement or turnaround

Long-term partnership for continuous growth

Companies have traditionally used consultants to bring in high-quality analytical thinking, cutting-edge methodology, and a global pool of generalists and specialists. El Morro Technologies model differs from standard consultants in these areas so that we can fully commit to our clients’ success and development.

Building continuous and exclusive partnerships

We never work with clients who have competing interests. We don’t serve competitive businesses in particular.

Extremely cost-effective

We work with minimum overhead and highly automated internal processes for maximal cost efficiency.

Open collaboration and knowledge sharing

We do not sell black box solutions. Our tools are openly shared with clients. Our clients development and success is our success.

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