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Market Research Services

We profile and segment clients, evaluate rival’s marketing strategies, forecast industry trends, and do benchmarking as part of our research services.  El Morro Technologies helps business in completing a variety of market research studies, including:

Market Profiling and Segmentation

Our experts identify your clients and segment them as per geographic location, demographics, psychographics and socio-cultural factors so that you can run targeted marketing campaigns.

Market Sizing and Forecasting

We specialize in providing complete market insights in the form of market sizing solutions to assist firms wishing to develop within existing markets or launch new services or products in Puerto Rico.

Product Research & Revenue Estimations

Today, it is a well-known fact that more than 80 percent of the products launched fail to make an impression on the market, even though companies have spent significant resources on those products. With the aid of El Morro Technologies, your business can now analyze the complete product development lifecycle, trade-offs, and gain insights on product-specific revenues to boost value proposition.


Market Description Survey

To assist you in developing successful marketing plans, we evaluate your market size and share of market, as well as provide facts on market growth and competitive positioning.

Survey on Customer Intentions and Purchases

Our experts will build an effective questionnaire to assist you in determining your customers’ interest and incentive to purchase your products.

Customer Expectations and Attitudes Survey

 If you’re looking for market research to help you better your campaigns and increase conversion rates, we can provide that assistance by conducting surveys to examine client attitudes and expectations.

Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Retention Survey

Our market research services assist you in analyzing consumer perceptions of your company, product, and services.

Brand Equity Survey

As part of market research services, our experts evaluate the psychological value that your brand holds in the marketplace.

Customer Uses and Habits Survey

The purpose of this survey is to learn where, when, and how the target audience uses the product.

Competitive Product and Market Positioning Survey

When you outsource market research services to us, we find out how the market views you in relation to your competitors. This also includes comparing attributes and benefits of the product.

Customer Service Survey

We assess the process of getting services and the parties involved, bringing our extensive experience to the table.

Surveys on Product Fulfillment

Our marketing research experts assess whether your product has all of the stated features and benefits (both tangible and intangible).

Identification of Advertising Value and Means-End Analysis Survey

We’ve established a strong reputation among marketing research firms, and we can assist you with mapping the hierarchical features, values, and benefits linked with and depicted by the commercial. This entails examining your final goal and establishing the most effective marketing plan for achieving it.

Customer Purchase Process / Survey on Customer Tracking

We assist you in tracking every customer touch-point and the procedure followed by your consumer to finalize a transaction as part of our market research services. This process comprises steps such as product awareness, knowledge, intent to buy, trial, purchase, and repurchase.

Make your own Survey

We provide tools so you can make your own Surveys, go at your pace. 

  • Easy to use
  • Nothing to install
  • Your data in one place
  • Design your own questions
  • Share using multiple channels
  • Secure, Keep your information private

Why work with us?

We offer Prices that are within reach

With our business writing services, we have set costs that are adapted to each client’s needs. Business who use our services should not be concerned about the cost. We offer the most competitive prices.  We want everyone on board and enjoying the benefits of our low-cost services. Our low-cost business plan writing charges are the greatest we’ve seen so far, and they show how eager we are to assist you.

Confidentiality Guarantee

When you hire  our services, you can rest assured that your information will be kept private. We won’t reveal any information about our business dealings with any client. We also do not share with third parties any materials that we have written for our clients.

Local Industries Knowledge

Our team understand relationships among the various elements of the local markets and see how trends could create new customers, affect dealings with competitors and cause potentially profitable changes.

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