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Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to obtain federal, state, regional, or local permits, licenses, or certificates. We can assist you in determining what those requirements are for your company and in obtaining them.

We can help you with:

Department of Agriculture (DRNA)

  • OLIC Hemp Industry Licenses
    • Laboratory
    • Manufacturing
    • Cultivation
    • Seed Distributor
    • Import & Distribution of Hemp Products for Consumption
    • Research
  • Bonafide Agriculture Certification

Permits Management Office (OGPe)

  • Single Permit
  • Use Permission
  • Any other type of license or applicable authorization required for the operation of the activity or use of the business

Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA)

  • Permit for the construction of a Well or Water Intake.
  • Fisheries and Marine Permits

Medical Cannabis Regulatory Board

  • Medical Cannabis Business Licenses
    • Dispensary
      • Pre-Qualification Folder
      • Qualification Folder
    • Cultivation 
      • Pre-Qualification Folder
      • Qualification Folder

Municipal Revenue Collection Center (CRIM)

  • Cadastre number coding
  • Securities Certifications
  • Debt Certifications 

Centers of Medicare & Medicaid (CMS)

  • Health IT Certifications
    • Electronic Health Records
    •  HL7 Integrations
      • Laboratory
      • Radiology
      • Medications

You know what to do
but need some pointers?

Are you working on obtaining a permit for your company or need a certification that is required for your business? Do you know what you should do but need help figuring out how to do it? If that’s the case, we’re here to help. We understand that obtaining permits and certifications can be difficult on your own at key moments. We can help too.

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