Statement on the Passing of CEO’s mother

San Juan, PR – El Morro Technologies, LLC and CEO Teresita Santiago Lebron released the following statement on the loss of her mother, Teresita Lebron Moyett, to Cancer:

“Our hearts were shattered last week when the matriarch of our family, Teresita Lebron Moyett, died in her home. Our family is now among the hundreds of thousands of grieving families who have had a loved one suddenly and senselessly stolen by Cancer. My father, her husband of 48 years, her sisters and my daughters were at her side to say a final farewell the same day. Her grandkids, my sister and I had to say our last ‘I love you’ over a mobile screen.

“This hurts. It hurts in ways I never imagined. As my entire family has been, Mom had been extraordinarily careful in following doctors treatment recommendations.  Just over a year ago, my mother was perfectly healthy. With her energy and strength, you could have mistaken her for someone decades younger. She had no preexisting conditions, no serious health issues, no ‘smoking or even drinking.’ She bragged about not even having a cold in years. That’s how powerful and deadly this disease is. It can take any of us.

“Over the years, the mother-daughter bond between my Mom and me had gotten so much stronger.  We always had a special relationship, perhaps because I am my parents’ oldest child. But when I had children of my own, the relationship became even more special as I watched her interact with her grandchildren—full of advice, great food, lots of fun and pure love that impacted them profoundly.

“I am proud and blessed to be Teresita Lebron Moyett’s daughter. I share her name. I inherited her love for education and her strength, humbleness as well as her love for family—and there has never been someone as good at them as her. Her timing was perfect right until the end. She always looked out for others and was in a calm mood that was contagious—traits that she impressed on me to carry with me throughout my career. She passed on her love for agriculture, especially in our family’s farm. Mom taught me how to sew a dress perfectly as I entered my Barbie designer phase. She taught me to be respectful to every other human being I encountered and to always have confidence in myself. Even though she was raised in difficult economic conditions, she coached me on the importance of good manners, of extending courtesy toward others and of maintaining a firm posture on my beliefs. She taught me to work hard and to take pride in that work. Her own work ethic was strengthened during her time in the Department of Education, where she was an elementary school Teacher—and was tutor after school. She enjoyed passing along her love for cooking to her grandkids. I, however, did not inherit that talent. Nor did I enjoy teaching elementary kids at all as she did, but I did a lot with adults when I grew up, and her grandchildren have many fond memories of learning to read with their beloved Grandmammy or “Mami Tere” as they called her.

For the past year and 8 months, We’ve tried to do everything we could personally and professionally to help with her treatments—to encourage family members to do the right thing, and get checked from time to time. My mother’s death leaves a profound sense of sadness laced with anger. The fact is that my Mom—like thousands and thousands of other patients-would no doubt be alive if it had been found and treated earlier and even done something as simple and effortless as getting preventive cancer testing since the high occurrence in my family. And I say all of this only in the hope that it will awaken others to the need to be more careful and more considerate visiting the doctor even if nothing hurts.

“So this is my plea as I prepare to mourn my mother and comfort my father for a life without his soulmate and girlfriend of 48 years: visit the doctor, get checked, avoid unhealthy lifestyle and always stay on top of your health. Protect your loved ones and your friends.

“Maybe the most important thing I learned from my Mom is to never back down from a fight. So, Mom, I promise you one more time that I won’t stop now. I’ll keep fighting, in every way I can, to help others and to get our family that you loved so much to the other side. And I will hope and pray that doing so I will continue to have a family as united as you did”, rest in peace mami.

-Teresita Santiago Lebron

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